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With the rising cost of education you are probably wondering how you will be able to afford sending your child to college. With the assistance of Milton’s Center for Athletic Advising, we help you navigate the process of obtaining an athletic scholarship for your student athlete. Our commitment, experience and individual advising have been the keys to our success. We look forward to helping you and your student attend a college or university that fits their ability, personality and educational goals.


You have worked hard to earn high marks in school, you have honed your athletic skill and now you want to play at the collegiate level. The question that weighs on your mind is how will you be able to do that? With Milton’s Center for Athletic Advising’s individualized advising and guidance, your dream of playing your sport and getting a degree in your desired field will become a reality. With your commitment, skill and willingness to work hard matched with MCAA’s expertise, you will succeed.

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