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The MCAA Difference

Born In 1955 in San Diego, California, Reverend Jerome R. Milton was abandoned at the age of ten months old. He grew up in 14 foster homes, one reformatory, and two orphanages before his foster mother, Datie Florence Johnson Brown, adopted him. She ended up saving his life, giving him the direction and motivation he needed to be successful.

Reverend Milton received a full scholarship to UCLA in both football and track and field. After graduating Magnum Cum Laude from UCLA, Rev. Milton went on to take part in the Olympic trials, coach the Thomas K. Gorman Catholic High School track team to 10 consecutive State Championships, receive his Honorary Doctorate of Theology, become an instrumental part of the Adoption Task Force under Governor George W. Bush, and receive the TB Butler Award from the Tyler Chamber of Commerce in 2009. To view some of his sermons, click here.

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Milton’s Center for Athletic Advising (“MCAA”) utilizes Rev. Jerome R. Milton’s 25 plus years of expertise in scholarship coordinating and athletic advising. This proven method has provided 180-signed athletes the opportunity to go on to play collegiate sports at the next level. Not only do we assess a student’s athletic and academic standings; we also provide extensive media exposure to make sure the student athlete is ready to step into success at the college level. MCAA is associated with Milton’s Athletic Scholarship Foundation – A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; Milton’s Athletic Scholarship Foundation provides financial assistance to disadvantaged athletes allowing them to make their dream of playing at any college or university across the nation reality. To see some of our testimonials, click here.